CHSE to Follow CBSE Syllabus & Exam Pattern From 2013


Bhubaneswar: The Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) is all set to follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus from the year 2013. The CHSE is gradually following the foot steps of CBSE by changing its marking pattern soon.

Jasobanta Behera, CHSE Controller of Examinations said “The students will take it as a challenge and perform better in exams. Prior to this, they used to mug up answers which was an unhealthy trend. The more number of objective questions will allow them better understanding of the subject”. “We will change the CHSE pattern completely and follow the CBSE pattern.” said Behera.

There have been accusations regarding the CHSE pattern which prevent students from scoring higher marks. In the new exam pattern there will be 60% marks for short questions and 40% for long questions. This will help CHSE students to score higher marks. These changes will be implemented in all the three streams arts, science and commerce.


  1. i do feel that the change would be advantageous for us as we can concentrate more for all the competitive exams and moreover objective type questions would clear our concepts more when compared to long type answers which some of the students just learn without understanding and write it in the exam paper.In objective we’ve to write the answer in 1 or two words and we can do that only when we are totally clear about the concepts.

  2. I was an ICSE student but now in CHSE in Berhampur. If the syllabus is based on THE CBSE then why don’t our council, allow students to study NCERT books in colleges. In that case it will be lot easier, students can get CBSE standard boo
    ks in low cost in odisha. as compared to english medium schools. Well that would be a good thing to go with.
    it contains lot more concepts than CHSE which cover less topics compared to CBSE but has a huge chapter on it. making a single chapter more detailed… its good but we dont come across other new topics. Also NCERT books also are mostly used for IIT. No issues there
    any way some of the colleges prof ‘s explain in the old way,.i.e. old syllabus.. without giving respect to the new One.

  3. I am studying in nabarangpur(junior)college,nabarangpur.This question pattern by mr.Behera bring very bright future for our special THANKS to secondary education board.

  4. I am a student of lotus +2 science college bbsr .Really this question pattern brought by you is very nice and it will help us to secure a good mark

  5. It is nice but not very good because we are pass 10 then we face a new pattern & new type lession in 2 so how can we perfect in all sub & if we not perfect then how we know the whole chapter and their short qustion.i want, if it possible for you change the high school topic in which the student know the pattren before they go to college then lot of student face it bravely.i suffring the pain now so im very sad now

  6. i was a student of CBSE but now i am a student of KIIT science college i am glad to know that our CHSE board will follow CBSE pattern so it is good and it will help us in competitive exam.


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