Bhubaneswar: 05/09/11– Under Article 148 of the Constitution of India there should be an independent office of the CAG of India, who is the head of Indian Audit and Accounts Department. His/her duty is to uphold the constitution of India and laws of the Parliament in the field of financial administration. The Comptroller & Accountant General of India has been entrusted to audit all the Union and State Government departments and offices including the Indian Railways and Posts and Telecommunication, about 1500 public commercial enterprises controlled by the Union and State governments, i.e. government companies and corporations, around 400 non-commercial autonomous bodies and authorities owned or controlled by the Union or the States, over 4400 authorities and bodies substantially financed from Union or State revenues. In spite of regular audit to different states and central government organizations/departments, the audit reports are not complied by the departments and organizations (both state and central) years together. Lot of outstanding paras pertaining to different departments and subordinate organizations including commercial are pending with the concerned organization and department with out any compliance, and the CAG is silent over it for the reasons best known to him. Some times authority concerned does not hesitate to furnish wrong information before the Ministries to save their financial irregularities. It is not happening in a particular states or central government organizations, but such type of irregularities occurred in all the states and central level organizations of India including commercials. Even some times, wrong balance sheets are also accepted by government without observing details of assets and liabilities including performance of the commercial organization concerned. Here, I cite an example of the financial irregularities of the State Government of Orissa, and the finance departmental & CAG are silent over it with out any justify reasons, and the CAG should intervene the matter for further course of action in accordance with financial & administrative laws, rules and regulation.

Sources said that the Accountant General has completed audit of 35 departments consisting of 3926 offices in the state of Orissa since long and have found financial irregularities of 4,480 crores. The AG Orissa had submitted 12,324 audit reports to the competent authority of concerned department showing financial irregularities of 4,480.73 crores since long, which compliances are still awaited. In the mean time 10 years have already been passed to comply the audit reports. Most of the higher authorities have been retired, those who are involved in the said financial irregularities. The General Audit System had been prevailed to control financial irregularities, and due inaction on the audit report in the stipulated time, now the audit wing became function less. Due to this there are huge increase of financial disturbances and irregularities to implement the government plans. Sources also said that during the past 10 years and up to March’ 2010, the audit report speaks that the allocated budget for different government plans have been utilized violating the financial rules and regulations causing financial irregularities of 4,480.73 crores.

As per the audit report 1225.23 crores have been spent in 647 areas by violating the financial and administrative rules and regulations, where as 165.92 crores have been spend by the order and directions of Officers/departmental heads in 248 areas. Even reports also speak that 2613.11 crores have been spend in 2547 areas illegally. Further sources said that 476.47 crores have been spend in 255 fields without any justification and reasons.

As per the directions of State Finance Department, after receiving audit report, the concerned department or subordinate organizations should comply the audit objections by defining and elaborating details within 3 moths from the date of receipt of reports in the margin or their audit objection report or in a separate sheet, but the reports are being suppressed by the departments, either at the subordinate level or upper level, which means, there is no care to the office of accountant general. From the financial years 1997-98 to 2008-09, the Government of Orissa had submitted the audit report to some offices of 38 departments. Out of 38 departments’ 18 departments, have not given or complied the reports defining and elaborating details of expenditures and reasons thereof nor admissions of their irregularities. It is not the case of Orissa, in most of the states this is happening. Hence, it is felt that the state governments are not giving importance on audit, where as government of India is paying salary to 60,000 employees recruited under CAG of India. Is it not corruption! What will be the role of CAG in this regard?

Sambhunath Tiadi-Freelance Journalist/lawyer/Social Activist/President-LJMMF