Puri: The traditional practice of animal sacrifice at the famous Dakshina Kali temple at Biragobindpur village in Puri district was stopped by the administration using massive police force and magisterial power to discontinue the savage practice.

High Court heard the case and directed the State Government to stop the practice. Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC) Mr. P. K Mohapatra asked District Collector Fakir Charan Satpathy and Superintendent of Police Amitendranath Sinha to implement the High Court order to stop animal sacrifice. As many as 15 platoons of armed police with five Magistrates camped at the village and cordoned the area from all corners. Devotees were not allowed to enter the village with animals.

Despite orders of the higher-ups, the local administration could not implement it anticipating retaliation by devotees. Every year the activists led by Krushna Chandra Jagdeb used to stage ‘Dharna’ at the entry of the village pleading the priests and the villagers to stop the uncivil act.

The priests mentioned that they had not asked anybody to come with animals. Every year on the occasion of the Kali Puja, hundreds of animals brought by devotees were offered to the deity presenting a ghastly sight. Since last so many years, animal rights activists and a number of NGOs working for protection of animals were raising this issue with the administration and demanding to stop the practice. It was the devotees who after accomplishment of their desires by the grace of the deity offered the animals, they argued.

Over 17,000 animals were sacrificed last year with their number increasing every year. The animal activists filed a case in the Odisha High Court seeking judicial intervention in the issue. Besides, they were on Satyagraha in front of the village road demanding that the administration and the villagers should stop the animal sacrifice practice.