Mumbai: Much hyped social activist, Anna Hazare today said that he will extend his ‘maun vrat’ while his core team members have been shattered by controversies.

“My health still does not permit me to give up my ‘maun vrat’. There is still some swelling on my feet and the knee troubles me a lot. Maun vrat helps me heal my body from within and outside. Verbal communication with people is an exertion for me, leaving me very weak. Hence, keeping my physical condition in mind, I have taken the decision to go on with maun vrat,” he said.

He has been in ‘Maun Vrat’ since October 16 at his native village for “Atma Shanti (peace of soul)”.

Team Anna’s core committee is set to meet in two days at New Delhi to discuss on the controversies surrounding some of its team members.

Team Anna has been on the backfoot when its key members, Mrs. Kiran Bedi was accused of overcharging her hosts by inflating travel bills and another team member Mr. Arvind Kejriwal being accused of depositing donations collected for Hazare agitation against corruption in a trust run by him.

With Anna’s decision to continue his ‘maun vrat’, itis likely that he would not attend the committee meeting on Saturday.