Ashwini Kumar Rath
Shall I consider the present state of Odisha as a revival from its feudatory past for several centuries or as a continuation of the act of crowd on this globe with short-memory? To put it in different way, I am sitting between two competing thoughts – our quest for an identity and our adaptation of a sense of equality.

As I delve deeper into this issue, I wonder if we can make a balance between the two – bringing a sense of identity while being aware of equality paradigm.

I feel this is practical. Odisha has come a long way from its golden period with full of stories of warring tribes and expression of art in quite a few world-class sculptures. It has come from a conglomerate of Kongoda, Utkal, Kalinga and several other small kingdoms with an unparalleled history of global trade and commerce to being a vibrating state of Indian Nation. The current sprout of industries and external investments have brought an enviable attention to this state.

As the jungles are getting wiped out to make way for new manufacturing and power plants, the real estate booms are widely visible in rather sleepy towns and administrative headquarters in the state. When people staying in proposed plant areas are struggling hard to seek their new homes, many flock into the capital town of Bhubaneswar for jobs and living – creating the rat race for space and material success. When a quarter feels to build a new Odisha with material and oriental wealth, other quarter feels threatened by the rapid changes occurring now.

In reality, these are two complementing opinions towards our effort for progress and prosperity. We are probably struggling to make a change in continuation, and I assume that this change is revival!