appMobi, a mobile application development firm, is launching a new HTML5-powered browser for iOS. The browser, to be called as MobiUs Web App Browser, promises to bring additional capabilities typically found only in native apps to the mobile Web. It works both as a standalone browser alternative or in conjunction with Apple’s mobile Safari, similar to the way browser extensions work on the desktop Web.

Some of the highlights of the new browser are:

  • Smartphone can run HTML5-based web apps that look and feel exactly the same as “native” apps from the app store.
  • web apps can access all of the hardware features of your smartphone.
  • web apps will work whether you have Internet connection or not.
  • delivers great game performance with DirectCanvas technology
  • delivers instant push notifications from apps or other users
  • speeds online purchases with its build in 1Touch wallet

You can download MobiUs app from here.