Puri: A stone slab weighing a ton loosened and fell from the roof of the western entrance of the Sri Jagannath temple on Tuesday, creating panic amongst the devotees and resulting in a narrow escape of a blind beggar standing under it.

This incident occurred when devotees were trying to enter the temple through the western gate, when some monkeys, who have now become permanent residents of the famous temple, were jumping on the temple top. 

This incident was strongly criticized by the sevayats and devotees. Sources said that the Gumuta at the western gate of the Jagannath Temple was in a bad condition since long. On the other hand the Archaeologial Survey of India (ASI) has not paid much attention for its safety despite being repeatedly requested by the temple authority and the sevayats.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik has urged the Union Culture Ministry to take immediate steps to repair the temple after the incident. Mr. Patnaik in a letter to the Union Minister Kumari Sailaja, has requested her to initiate action against the officials of the Archaeologial Survey of India (ASI) whose carelessness led to this incident.