The University of Michigan (UM) has set to revamp its strategy to IT service usage and for investing in the next generation of technology. The initiative named NextGen Michigan has been in progress to stablish the institution as leaders and best in providing a campus IT environment. It is also envisaged that the initiative will dramatically advance the university’s academic, teaching, research and clinical programs.

The leading management consulting and technology services company, Accenture, is assisting UM in its initiative. In fact, Accenture has worked with a number of universities like Yale, Ohio State, and the University of Illinois, to develop IT strategies designed to improve IT alignment with the educational and research missions of the institutions. The initiative has also included different collaboration projects with cloud companies including Google and

The initiative has been planned in the face of declining funding for higher education in the state of Michigan and in order to retain our status as a top tier university. The objective in the whole process is to “spend less and get more.”