Maharashtra: As the credibility of Team Anna erodes with some of its key members surrounded by controversies and charged with allegations of financial irregularities, Anna Hazare today said that, he has plans to reconstruct his core committee.

“We will take all sections in the Core Committee, Dalits, Muslims, Adivasis and all others. Nobody should complain that they were not given a chance,” Anna said.

Adding more Anna said, “Youths from all sections of the society are required. They will be picked from different communities for the committee, which will be formed with a long term vision in mind.”

Further more Hazare said, neither he nor his team is afraid of any allegations made by anyone against them. Moreover, he challenged the Government to prove the allegations by providing necessary evidence of any wrong doings by his team members.

It is noteworthy to mention that, Team Anna has been on the backfoot when its key members, Mrs. Kiran Bedi was accused of overcharging her hosts by inflating travel bills and another team member Mr. Arvind Kejriwal being accused of depositing donations collected for Hazare agitation against corruption, in a trust run by him.