Uttarakhand: The UPA Chairperson and Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi, finally broke her silence over JanLokpal Bill and criticized Team Anna saying, corruption cannot be fought by speeches alone.

Mrs. Gandhi could not make out for the Wednesday rally in Uttarakhand because she was running fever. But her speech was read out to the gathering by a Congress representative.

Though the strong comments made by 64-year-old Mrs. Gandhi did not name names, but it seemed to be pointing towards Prime Ministerial Candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Shri L.K. Advani. “Corruption cannot be fought by thinking that corruption by us and our people is a pious act while that of others is corruption. This is what is happening these days,” she said.

Mrs. Gandhi asked, “Who promulgated and implemented Right To Information, who in recent times raised the issue of probity in public life and of ending corruption. I can say that we raised it and I personally raised it. Wherever there were complaints, we acted before inquiries could be completed.”

Criticizing Team Anna , she said, “When PM has said, our party has repeatedly said, that it favours a strong Lokpal bill, and it would be brought in Parliament, then I ask what is the reason for creating so much drama?”