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Awareness Drive Against the Use of ‘Stylish’ and ‘Fancy’ Vehicle Number Plates in the City


Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate Police (Bhubaneswar-Cuttack) has launched an Awareness Drive on Monday against the use of ‘stylish’ and ‘fancy’ vehicle number plates in the city. Two-wheeler owners now need to check and change their registration number plates in accordance to the norms.

Although laws are enacted to prohibit fancy number plates on the vehicles and repeated campaigns are made to create awareness to abide by the law, many a people continue to violate these laws. So its high time such people need to be taken into task.

The Commissionerate Police are now all set to launch a campaign asking two-wheeler owners to adhere to the motor vehicle norms on registration plates.

Traffic Wing of the Commissionerate Police along with sports persons and film stars, today distributed leaflets, carrying the specification of two-wheeler registration number plate.

According to the specifications, the front plate size should be 285 mm x 45 mm while for the rear plate size it is 200 mm x 100 mm. The background of the plate should be white and the letters and numerals should be in black.

The front plate should be of one line and the rear plate should be of two lines. The rear plate should have State Code on the the first line and Registering Authority Code below the first line.

Moreover all letters should be in English and numbers/numerals shall be in Arabic e.g OR O2 AB 0123. The plate shall contain no other additional letter or numeral. Affixing or painting of any sticker, symbol, sign, line design, photo etc on the number plate is strictly prohibited.

Any person contravening the above can be penalized with a compounding fine of minimum of Rs 500/- extendable upto Rs 1,000/- by an officer of and above the rank of Inspector of Police.