Bhubaneswar, 24/11: The, the leading news portal and social networking website of Odisha, signs a series of ‘memorandum of understanding’ (MoU) with popular media brands like ‘Anupam Bharat’, ‘Sachitra Vijaya’ and ‘Swasthyashree’, in Odia language, for content syndication in different areas. The web portal has gone ahead with this collaboration initiative with an objective to showcase more news items and socio-cultural features and articles, health features etc., on and from Odisha, before the web visitors worldwide.

Odisha360 signed the MoU with ‘Anupam Bharat’, the leading Odia daily published from Berhampur and Bhubaneswar simultaneously. Mr. Ashwini Rath, Editor and Publisher, ‘Odisha360’ and Mr. Rabindra Kumar Panda, Executive Editor and Publisher, ‘Anupam Bharat’, signed and exchanged the MoU at the office at Anupam Bharat, at Bhubaneswar on Wednesday. Mr. Nilambar Rath, Editorial Advisor, Odisha360, also represented on behalf of the news portal.

As per the MoU, ‘Anupam Bharat’ shall provide news content to the Odisha360 on a day-to-day basis. ‘‘This is the time for strategic collaborations, initiatives and synergies to take any local and national business to a greater height. And the tie-up between ‘’ and ‘Anupam Bharat’ shall benefit both the brands,” says Mr. Ashwini Rath. “Especially, the web news audience across the globe shall be greatly benefited out of this synergy,” he adds.

“The aim of any news media is to disseminate relevant news and information and reach across a greater audience base. Especially synergy between the print and the web media, here, can enhance the opportunity of achieving the said objectives faster”, further adds Mr. Rabindra Kumar Panda, Managing Director, Media Anupam Pvt. Ltd. and the Publisher of ‘Anupam Bharat’.

Odisha360 also signed a MoU with ‘Sachitra Vijaya’, the leading socio-cultural and literary monthly in Odia language. While Mr. Ashwini Rath and Nilambar Rath signed the MoU on behalf of Odisha360, when Mr. Rabindra Kumar Panda and Mr. Kedar Mishra signed the documents on behalf of ‘Sachitra Vijaya’. “With the rich tradition, high-quality content and a vibrant production ‘Sachitra Vijaya’ has already reached a large section of audience across the state. Now our association with the leading web portal like shall take the efforts beyond the geographical boundaries”, comments Mr. Kedar Mishra, Editor, ‘Sachitra Vijaya’.

As a major step towards strategic partnership in the area of content sharing, Odisha360 also tied knot with leading Odia health and life style magazine ‘Swasthyashree’. Mr. Debarchan Rath, Editor and Publisher and Mrs. Pranati Parida, Managing Editor, ‘Swasthyashree’ jointly signed the MoU with Odisha360 Editor and Publisher. “The readers of both ‘Swasthyashree’ and shall immensely benefit from this tie-up. Above all, it will take health communication and awareness, especially in Odia language, to different stage,” says Mr. Debarchan Rath, Editor, ‘Swasthyashree’.

Now, as per the understanding signed, both ‘Sachitra Vijaya’ and ‘Swasthyashree’ shall be available in platform. So any web visitor can go to the magazine section of the portal and read and download the said magazines free of cost. Additionally, any reader can book annual subscription of the magazines directly through the web platform. “In the history of Odisha media, this is perhaps the first of its kind as far as such tie up between cross platforms is concerned. And this is welcome,” comments Mr. Nilambar Rath, senior media professional and Editorial Advisor of Odisha360. He has further said that the readers of said print brands and that of the said web portal would appreciate such relationship between cross media platforms in the state.

Today the media is changing with the invention of new technologies and the readers are also adapting to the same in a very fast rate. So, it is the high time for Odisha media to produce ample number of content for web-enabled platforms like e-book readers, I-Pad, cell phones etc. In this context, Odisha360 has announced to publish E-Books on a variety of topics focusing on Odisha. The first such initiative, showcasing Odisha in the year 2011, is to be released very soon, says Mr. Nilambar Rath, Editorial Advisor, Odisha360.