Bhubaneswar: A transgender Ramp Show was organised at the State Capital on Saturday,where in at least 100 trans-genders and hijras participated.

The Ramp Show was organized by Sakha, a community based organization working for uniting sexual minority community across Odisha and fights for their rightful existence and dignity.

The event, called Saptaranga Millan is a platform to bring together sexual minority community from all over Odisha to celebrate the Annual Day of Sakha.

It was an attempt to give a chance to the whole community to expose their talents fully through dance music and fashion show.

Last year about 400 members of the sexual community had attended the festival with great enthusiasm.

As said by Satya Sundar Mishra aka Subham, President of Sakha, this program has not only helped the public to know more about the community but has also added to the confidence level of the community members to face society positively.