Bhubaneswar: An Exhibition called ‘Hamwatan’ was organised at Orissa Krushak Samaj, on Friday to give a tribute to the victims of Kandhamal. This Exhibition also showed the determination of the civil society to fight against the communal forces.

The Exhibition was inaugurated by famous Odia Poet Mr. Ashutosh Parida.

As one enters into the exhibition, what one will see is an actual broken bamboo hut with burnt jute hanging from its walls and on the other side is a scene depicted from the riots. The artifacts collected from the victims of Kandhamal- broken statue of Jesus Christ, clothes, household goods, broken paintings, which conveys the uncertainties of the lives of hundreds of victims.

In a ten feet stucture made of bamboos, hundreds of postcard size photographs of Kandhamal, hanging by a thin rope was displayed, which depicted the urge of victims to move on but how thay are stopped by the rope of injustice.

In a ten by ten feets canvas lying on the floor, several images from Kandhamal and hundreds of cylindrical objects on which words like- justice, peace, law and constitution was written was displayed. As the cylindrical objects do not have a firm base, the words displayed in the cylindrical shapes symbolised how constitution and justice is violated visa vis the Kandhamal victims.

In a corner of the exhibition, there are photographs of people stuck on bamboo sticks on one side and the other end is inside a mound of earth, which gives an impression of being in a graveyard. The sticks with photographs are surrounded by flowers, which was a tribute to the dead.

The exhibition design was conceived and executed by Shabnam Hashmi, which displayed works of artists like Shashi Memuri, Sirivella Pragathi Kumar, Malleshi HV, S. Venkatesan, Baikunthnath Digal ans Sanjeev Kumar Mallick. The photographs displayed in the exhibition were collected from Shailendra Pandey of Tehelka, Sahir Raza, a cinematographer from Mumbai, NCDHR and from Janvikas, Odisha.