Bhubaneswar: Dead bodies of several Olive Ridley Turtles were found at Rushikulya (the most preferred breeding ground of the Olive Ridley Sea turtles) on Friday.

The dead bodies were found scaterred from Nolianuagaon to Agastinuagaon which were seen being eaten by dogs and foxes.

It is suspected that the turtles have died after being injured by the trawlers who illegally enter into the rookery to catch fish.

Reports say that around 100 turtles have died since November till now and there is every possibility for the number to increase if the trawlers are not restricted to enter from this region.

Usually the turtles arrive for mating from the beginning of December which picks up by the end of December and early January.

When asked about this to A.K. Jena DFO, Berhampur, he said,”Measures have been taken to protect Olive Ridleys in the sea. Fishing has been banned in the area. Moreover regular sea patrolling is done to ensure the safe and undisturbed mass nesting of the turtles.”

Millions of Olive Ridley turtles come ashore in between Kantiagada and Gokaharakuda beaches near Rushikulya river mouth for mass nesting. It was considered the second major mass nesting site for the Olive Ridley after Gahiramatha in Kendrapara district.