Bhubaneswar: Around more than 100 women broke into three illegal liquor hooch vends of Dhirikuti locality near Mancheswar station at 1000 hrs on Sunday.

The agitated women entered into the liquor hooch vends, broke all liquor bottles and destroyed all items.

According to them, drunkers make a horrible condition at this place and drive other people towards the same direction.

Among them Maa Mangala Adivasi, Harijan Mahila Sangha women holding banners with lathi, slogans entered into the liquor owner’s hooch vend named Ranjan Patra. They destroyed 700 litres country made liquor, 50 packets of some foreign liquor and 2 sacks of packet liquor.

In no time many people gathered at the place. Mancheswar police came but did not respond. Then those agitated women entered into another liquor owner’s hooch vend named Mina Patra and destroyed 200 litres country made liquor, 100 packet of some other liquor, 40 bottles and some foreign liquor. From there they went to another liquor owner named Jhadu Hansda.

It may be noted that many people from Bhatapada 4, Gadakana 2, Dhirikuti 3, Line locality 3 and one each from Rangamatia and Patra locality have died this year. Many a times these women complained to the police about this, but they did not get any response. So they took this step. Moreover they demanded that these illegal liquor owners should be arrested.