Bhubaneswar: Although huge quantity of coal is available in Odisha the production of power is less.

It is seen that due to raise in quantity of coal in Odisha, more number of cities have been electrified

Although import of coal creates much profit for Central Government, the State does not get enough power to stabilize the situation.

The production rate of power is 2300 Mega Watt(MW) instead of 3300 MW in the State. The State mainly depend on solar power rather than hydro power, due to its less production. Yet the State remains in darkness, distributing power to other State. Use of coal increases the level of pollution, soil infertility and spread of diseases.

As per the sources, more than 28 lakhs consumer use power out of which 25 lakhs are domestic consumers. Although, 65 percent of people live in villages only 31,000 villages are electrified.

The State Government have to check these problem of power cut in order to sustain in summer season.