After a huge media hype about upsurge of searches about Sunny Leone on Google, the porn actor seems to have left the cyber phyche of Bhubaneswar people. Though the other cities are still hyperactive adding to the search volume index to approximately 40 times compared to the average searches performed, Bhubaneswar has gone out of the top cities-list.

Sunny, considered as one of the most popular porn star, is currently participating in a popular Indian reality show, Bigg Boss. The actor seems to be eager to venture into Bollywood with an upcoming movie by Pooja Bhatt. Though the rumours were around for sometime after her reaching India, it was disclosed in a dramatic way during her interaction with the prominent Bollywood director, producer and screenwriter Mr. Mahesh Bhat inside the Bigg Boss’s house.

Inspite of prevailing conservative social frame of mind, TV viewers are celebrating her tenure in the reality show; and her each move inside the house is being watched closely.