Bhubaneswar: Famous playwright and theatre director Ratan Thiyam will is to receive the fourth Bharat Muni Award 2011 for having served in Indian theatre for four decades.

Ratan was known for writing and staging plays that use ancient indian theatre traditions.

As per sources, the award will be given by Kalingayan musical members on December 17th , 2011 at Rabindra Mandap.

On 16 December, 2011 the Odissi vocalist Bijay Jena, Odissi dancer Geeta Mahalik, Kuchipudi dancer D.Anandshankar Jayanta, Odissi dancer Ratikanta Mahapatra, Ronu Majumdar flute will perform on the stage in evening.

Kumkum Mohanty Odissi, Sujata Mishra Odissi, Mirananda classical singer and George Brux sexobeat lyrist will be the star attraction on 17th December, said Committee Chairperson, Puspita Mishra.