With the increasing Chinese importance in the global economy, people around the world are feeling the importance to learn Mandarin (Chinese language). Even United Nations has adopted Mandarin as their sixth official language.

Due to the increasing demand to learn Mandarin among the students many Indian schools have started including Mandarin as third language in their curriculum as given by Rockwell International School in a press release.

About 200 Indian companies are said to be working in China already. Many Indian IT companies are already setting up shops in China said a veteran IT professional addressing Management Graduates of IMT recently. But, there are only 40 Chinese companies doing business in India may be because of language inadequacies. Many Indian companies are already asking their workforce to learn Mandarin.

Even Indian Government recognises the importance of getting trained in Chinese language. It is believed that even primary education board already started work on introducing Chinese in schools.

CBSE’s notification issued last year too supports this view of introducing Mandarin language from sixth standard. Already Mandarin is being learnt aggressively in many American colleges.