Bhubaneswar: To bring out the sportsperson in each individual staying in a detached
society and Badmintion being both indoor and out door sport and can be played in any standard surface, a tournament was organised at Jaydurga Nagar, Bhubaneswar. 

The tournament was sponsored by Mr.Vinod Gupta, a respected businessman of Jaydurga Nagar. To honour in response and support the tournament was named after his illustrous father Shri Dwarka Prasad Gupta.

Other Co-sponsors were Mr.S.N.Pattnaik, Mr.H.C.Malu, Mr.V.Kakar, Mr.L.P.Chawla, Mr.P.Mohanty, Mr.G.Gorge & Mr.S.S.Pattnaik.  Cheif Organiser Amit Kothari.

The tournament was held at two courts simultaneously on 9,10, 11 & 16,17,18 of December 2011, in two categories one under 15 and another under 22.

Around 100 participants participated in this tournament.