Second Evening of Odissi International
Second Evening of Odissi International
Bhubaneswar: A group of American dancers came on to stage with Arati flames and performed the famous Mangalacharan from Sree Geeta Govinda- Srita Kamala Kucha Mandala.

Dancing on brass plate is not so common in Odissi, but it is said that Pankaj Charan Das, the pioneer of Odissi taught this style to a group of his first disciples. Ratna Roy was one among those few fortunate students. Now, Ratna is teaching this rare form of Odissi to her students in US.

The concluding item in the second evening of Odissi International-dated 19th December 2011 by Urvasi Dance Company, US, brought back a lost tradition to life.

The second day of Odissi International was a mixture of hopes and promises, varieties and variations. Experiencing so many forms and contents at the same stage is a matter of delight. One could see young Rosalin Srichandan doing a Pankaj Charan composition with lyrical spontaneity and after a few seconds Malabika Jena performed Saveri Pallabi, a masterly composition of Guru Kelucharan, communicating its charm and charisma through her neat foot works and gracious movements. Like wise another young girl Barkha Tanveer presented masterly works of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan with crafty expressions. Bikash Nayak’s JA Champu was a visual treat. This is a platform where we can see dancers of three generations presenting the living tradition with great passion.

In the evening, we saw a few acclaimed youngsters and some of the veterans. Sikata Das, presenting a Sita Chori episode in a dramatic style. Well crafted Sancharis and good transition of expressions. Gayatri Chand came up with an immortal composition of Deba Prasad Das, Navarasa. Gayatri’s flawless expressional pieces were just superb. She was the show stealer of the evening. Pranati Mohanty and Itisree Dwivedi charmed the audience with their serene grace. Durga Bor presented a different form of Kirwani Pallabi composed by Guru Surendra Nath Jena. It was off the track and aesthetically more Desi. Sonali Mohapatra, Arupa Gayatri Panda, Laurence Le Bail Simon, Belchenko Natalia, Subrata Tripathy and Sabita Mishra were part of this glorious evening.

The festival started with a group work by acclaimed Rudrakshya Foundation nurtured by Guru Bichitrananda Swain. Guru Aruna Mohanty, Ratikant Mohapatra, Ratna Roy and fiction writer Gaura Hari Das graced the event as guests.