Balasore: As part of a regular training exercise by Strategic Force Command (SFC), the Prithvi-II is likely to be tested from Launch Complex-III of the ITR, Chandipur in Balasore tomorrow.

As a part of regular user trials, the missile has undergone test a number of times.There could be two trails of the same missile with a time gap from the launch pad, informed sources .

A battery of radars, electro-optical systems and telemetry stations located along the coast would monitor the missile throughout its flight. A naval ship located near the target would also monitor the splash down, said sources.

The missile is equipped with an advanced inertial navigation, control and guidance system and can carry a payload of 500-1,000 kg to a distance of 350 kms.

The missiles to be put on trail would be selected monitored by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) scientists.