As Government and the majority of Opposition are determined to push for the Lokpal Bill, Parliament has turned into a battleground with Laloo Prasad Yadav leading the opposition by attributing religious colour to the Bill and others sticking to inclusion of CBI. On the other hand, Anna and his team members scream with frustration as they fear of loosing the plank for opposition.

In her tweet, Kiran Bedi (@thekiranbedi) complains, “Rationale of Lokpal is lost. It was for becoming an independent effective investigating agency not a enquiry Pal and weaken CBI.”

“An attempt to keep Lokpal toothless & rendered ineffective can be part of the wider plan? We need to guard against this,” she reiterates.

While The BJP has said that it will demand amendments to the 70-page Bill the Government is bringing to the table, a copy of which was circulated to MPs today, the draft has not gone down too well with the activists with Hazare and his team either and they are planning for a strong protest in New Delhi and Mumbai.

After the Lokpal Bill draft was approved by the Union cabinet on Tuesday, Congress President and UPA chairperson, Sonia Gandhi, described it as “a path-breaking legislation” and “the best the Government can do”.

Bedi, however criticised the UPA Chairperson saying that “the draft was the worst the Government could do”, and instead of being a path-breaker, it was “breaking the path”.

Stressing more for the inclusion of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) under Lokpal, Bedi said that, “a divided CBI will not be a strong bill but weaken the system further.”