Paradip: Many irregulariries have been noticed in the flood-hit villages of Jagatsinghpur, in the distribution of compensation towards the crop damage among landless farmers affected by the twin floods in the State.

The matter came to the surface when the officials in their report mentioned excess damage to claim more fund, by showing many unaffected farmers to be affected and distributing crop damage fund among many landless farmers.

As per sources nearly 10,000 hectares of agriculture fields were affected in the floods. The State Government had announced a compensation of Rs 2,000 per acre for non-irrigated land, Rs, 4000 for irrigated land and Rs 6000 for perennial crops. However it was decided that no input subsidy will be payable for unsown or fallow agricultural land.

In response to the irregularities of the concerned officials, angry farmers and villagers have put up posters and distributed leaflets, urging action against the errant officials.

As said by Sunakar Behera, a person whose name has been mentioned in the list, “I do not have an inch of agricultural land but the officials have identified me as crop damage beneficiary by showing 2.05 acres land on paper. Moreover I have not received any cheque towards the compensation.”

On the other hand many farmers claimed that, though they had lost several acres of irrigated land, they were compensated for much lesser land.

When asked about the same Revenue Inspector of Rahama, Dhaneswar Behera said, the concerned officials have released the compensation as per the list released by the Agriculture Department.

On the other hand, Chabindra Behera, Deputy Director, Agriculture Department denying any mistake said, as the Revenue Department has land records, the officials should have verified the same before releasing the compensation.