By Ashwini Kumar Rath

India in transition
India in transition
Gandhi to Leone – we have come a long way in a single day. We wave flag with a Gandhi cap during the day, and search all about Sunny Leone during the night. We know her better now than before – made hers the most googled name.

We are going truly global. We worship whatever is thrown upon us from the other part of the globe. Then why not Sunny Leone; after all, she is an acclaimed performer. She incites our confidence with her innocent smile. She is a perfect personality to be close to our heart.

We get upset when she participates even in a fake game of marriage in the reality show. We are thrilled when she turns around the pole to the metamorphosed tune of Shankar Jaikishan. We seek spirituality when she claims to discover herself during her interaction with the Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt. We feel proud that she is of Indian origin! Well, why should we not be? We strive to revive the Konark and Ajanta heritage alive.

We always accept what is pedestrian; well, we must, as we never have a safe pedestrian path along our roadways. At the same time, we would never fail to express our gratitude to the free gifts of bicycle from the Government. Usable or not – we cannot say no to free goodies. Else, we could not have patience and courage to carry the big load of waste products to the shopping malls with the hope of getting free gifts and discounts. Do not mind, discount is our birth right, even though the price is hiked to cover the discount. We are happy-go people.

Give anything to us and we have the capability to turn it into something that is precious to us. We have never deviated from our habit, and could turn ‘Kolaveri Di’ as our National Anthem! Moral police have not been able to promote ‘Vande Mataram’ in our popular psyche for last so many years, but we could make it in a matter of days – that is the power of democracy. Anyway, moral police of India are still to recover from the soft Leone-shock; they have become good guys with her tender presence in Indian imagination. Hope the status persists till February 14.

We don’t speak good English. But that is too derogatory; rather in a positive way, we speak good Indian English. Well, we stopped speaking good in our mother tongue. More we pretend to ignore our origin, further do we move towards the modernity. Then, how will others identify us? UID. Believe or not, it should only be used for free supplies of goodies from the Government. Well, that is also destined to reach wrong hands. Because, UID is more erroneous than the lyrics of ‘Kolaveri Di’.

Our very identification may be invisible in the due course of time. After all, we believe in the ‘Bhagavad Gita’. We identify ourselves with ‘Atman’ – the invisible matter which again destined to meet ‘Paramatman’. We have been doing this for ages.

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