Bhubaneswar: The Public Works Department (PWD) is seriously engaged in renovation work for better roads, decorated roadsides, gardens which have been done for the upcoming occasion of the 99th Indian Science Congress (ISC) being organised in the City, keeping in mind the Prime Minister and numerous delegates visiting the city during the ISC.

The PWD is accelerating its annual repair work. The budget for this is around Rs. 40 crore. The expenditure for the stretch of road being repaired from Master Canteen till Vani Vihar is Rs. 2 crore. The repair work includes both sides of the road and the medians are being re-paired and re-painted. The stretches from Jayadev Vihar till KIIT University and Master Canteen till Vani Vihar will be decorated and redone. This is being done for the delegates and scientists who will travel through the city during the ISC session, said sources.

The PWD is trying to speed up its work at different places where the roads have been dug up and will try to complete the work and fill them up in time, said PWD Chief Engineer Bijan Behera.