Bhubaneswar: Now an uneasy calm prevails at the Posco site after one man was killed on 14th December, following the violent clash between the pro-Posco and the anti-Posco activists, during the construction of the Coastal road joining the plant site with Paradip.

Seven persons have been arrested in this connection including the main accused Bapi Sarkhel and anti-Posco leader Narayan Reddy.

The pro-project group were hopeful that the project work would continue smoothly after the construction of the Coastal Road work began on 13th after remaining suspended for over 90 days due to protest by the people.

But it was on the next day only Posco site witnessed a violent clash resulting the death of one person which was followed by arrests of seven persons.

While both the groups are engaged in drawing strategies regarding future course of action, no one knows when would the project work start once again.

However, the administration claimed that it was maintaining a strict vigil on the developments and work would resume after studying the reports from the ground.