Bolangir: Inspite of the High Court’s order and prohibitive measures by the district and police administration, hundreds of animals and birds were sacrificed during the Sulia festival at Khairaguda, Bolangir.

While the Bolangir district administration and the police were determined to stop the inhuman practice the traditional tribals were equally hell bent to continue the practice.

Earlier, the administration had imposed Section 144 banning unlawful gathering and also imposed Section 107 on 22 persons including the chief servitor.

However, thousands of tribals armed with traditional weapons like bows and arrows congregated at Sana Khala, the main sacrificing spot for the inhuman ritual of animal sacrifice. 

The district and police administration were compelled to stand as mute spectators before the large number of tribals and the sacrifices went on as usual. 

The ban message however was adhered by some people in Bada Khala, where no animal was sacrificed.

It is noteworthy to mention that the ritual of animal sacrifice, mostly celebrated by Kandha tribes in Western Odisha, takes place on the second Tuesday of the month of Pausa.