Bhubaneswar: The leaders of five political parties have decided to hold a protest meeting in Bhubaneswar on 30th December.

The decision came after Asish Kanungo of CPI, Abhiram Behera of CPM, Santosh Mitra of forward Bloc, Harish Mohapatra of Rashtriya Janata Dal and Rabi Behera of Samajwadi Party met Narayan Reddy on Tuesday.

Later they attended the protest meeting in Dhinkia to express support to the anti-Posco activists in Dhinkia.

The leaders have demanded contractor Sarkel to be booked under the National Securities Act and all his property to be seized.

Furthermore they have demanded a judicial probe into the clash that occurred on 14th December.

As many as 11 political parties including CPI, CPM, Congress and BJP along with many anti-land displacement groups will join the meet.