Puri:The repair work of the main prayer hall of the Jagannath temple, the Jagamohan, by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) began on Tuesday after the dispute between the temple administration and the ‘Chhatisa Nijog’ was resolved.

Earlier the ASI experts had suggsted that deplastering of the Jagmohan should be started as quickly as possible as it was putting extra load on the structure, resulting in developing cracks.

Although the work started on 5thDecember, it was put off because of the dispute between the temple administration and the ‘Chhatisa Nijog’, the body of sevayats of the Puri temple .

The dispute came up after the temple administration questioned the stand of the ‘Chhatisa Nijog’ to oppose the repair work by the ASI and asked to clarify its legal sanctity.

Now, eliciting opinion of all the Nijogs who render services to the Trinity, Temple Chief Administrator PK Mohapatra had asked the ASI to carry out their work. Accordingly, ASI began the de-plastering work on Tuesday.