TVS Motor Company on Wednesday announced the development of a new technology that would increase fuel efficiency by as much as 20 per cent when compared to the conventional technology.

It may be noted that the new technology ‘TVS Automatic Transmission’ serves as an automatic transmission in place of conventional Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Technology which changes gears effortlessly through electronic control, automatically selecting the gear ratios while riding.

Talking to the mediapersons, President, New Product Development, TVS Motor Company Harne Vinay Chandrakant said, “The objective of the technology development is to provide a compact engine, that will deliver greater fuel efficiency and is usable across product forms like scooter and motorcycles.”

“We will introduce scooters and motorcycles with this new technology from the second half of 2013,” Harne said.

“The company has added an innovative Electronic Control Unit (ECU), an advanced cooling arrangement, based on the vehicle motion itself, which avoids use of engine driven fan results to consumption of less fuel. The improvement in engine efficiency is derived through friction reduction and multi map electronic ignition control,” he added.