Baripada: The authorities of Similipal Tiger Reserves (STR) have decided to carryout an annual monitoring of wild animals in the forest in Mayurbhanj district titled ‘sign survey’ of wild animals from 3rd January 2012.

According to Anup Nayak, Regional Conservator of Forests (RCF) and STR Field Director. The survey would be conducted to keep a close watch on the movement of wild animals and to get a rough estimation of the wildlife population.

Sources said that the survey will be conducted by 160 forest officials and will be monitored by five ACFs, four DFOs and 20 rangers, in all the four divisions- STR, Baripada, Rairangpur and Karanjia.

The survey will be carried out in two phases. In the first phase, carnivores like Royal Bengal Tigers and Leopard will be taken into consideration and in the second phase herbivores like deer and spotted deer will be taken into consideration. Samples of their dung, urine, pug marks, hand marks will be taken to identify a particular animal.

It is noteworthy to mention that there has been a steady decline in the population of RBT in STR for the last several years.