Bargarh: While people round the world were busy celebrating the New Year on Sunday, the inhabitants of Bargarh were celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.

On the third day of the 11 day long open-stage drama, Dhanuyatra, the people of Ambapalli celebrated ‘Nandotsav’, marking the birth of a son to milkman Nanda and Yasodha. The river Jeera has now become Yamuna, crossing which, Vasudeva had exchanged his son Lord Krishna with ‘Bijuli Kanya’.

As soon as Kansa heard about the news of the eight child of Devaki he rushed back to the prison. No sooner had he picked up the child to kill her, she slips out of his hands and informs him that the child who would kill him is being brought up at Gopapur.

Kansa, sitting on a decorated elephant, continued his Nagar Parikrama (tour of his Kingdom), along with his Mahamantri and soldiers. He is seen unleashing his frustration of being killed by the eighth child born to Devaki and Vasudeva, by imposing fines on his subjects, even for a slightest mistake.