Bargarh: The fourth day of the 11-day Dhanuyatra on Monday witnessed the enactments of Balya leela of Lord Krishna.

As a child, brought up in a cowherds family, Krishna had great love for his foster-mother Yashoda.  Lord Krishna was seen busy with his ‘Balya Leela’ which reflected the naughty child along with his friends breaking earthen pots for butter and playing pranks with the villagers.

While the Gopis adored the mischievous pranks of Krishna such as stealing the butter and the cheese from the pots in the kitchen, drinking themilk out of their millkpots and letting the calves loose from their fetters,  they also came to Yashoda  to report against Krishna and his mischievous behavior.

Besides this various scenes of Lord Krishna playing around with ‘gopis’ were also enacted.

People of Mathura crowded into the streets, and welcomed Lord Krishna with his elder brother Balarama as per the customs and traditions.

On the other hand Kansa, after receiving the death news of his demon warriors Putana, Sakata, Truna, Baka and Sandha whom he had sent to kill Lord Krishna, to avert his death was downhearted.

Furious over the power of the child, Kansa was seen punishing the innocent subjects of his kingdom to vent out his frustration and was busy making a new conspiracy along with his ministers to kill the child.