Jajpur: Amidst tight security, thousands of tribals and anti-land acquisition groups from Odisha observed ‘Martyrs Day’ marking the killing of 15 adivasis at Kalinga Nagar in Jajpur district, while opposing the construction of the boundary wall of an industry on 2nd January 2006.

Many tribals, mostly women and children, under the banner of Visthapan Virodhi Jana Mancha (VVJM), dressed in traditional attire carrying weapons, held a huge rally shouting slogans against the Naveen Government, district and police administration and the Tatas.

It is noteworthy to mention that in the tragic incident that triggered widespread protests in India and abroad, one police person was also killed in the attack by tribals.

Alhough six years have passed since the incident, the tribals seem to be quite determined to continue to oppose and fight against the forceful land acquisition for industries in the area.