Bargarh: The fifth day of the 11-day Dhanuyatra on Tuesday witnessed the enactments of ‘Vastra Haran’ by Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna was seen playing around with the gopis and breaking their earthern pots for butter. The people of Gopapur enjoyed the pranks played by Lord Krishna. However it is not appreciated by his mother Yasodha.

The scene of ‘Vastra Haran’ as enacted at Ambapali drew the attention of the visitors. The scene was enacted along the banks of the river Jeera. Large crowd had gathered to witness young Krishna having fun with the gopis.

Young Krishna while roaming through the village with his friends was attacked by Kalia Naga, sent by Kansa to kill him. but Krisha showing his omnipotent power killed ‘Kalia Naga’.

Distressed over his defeat, demon king Kansa with his friends from other Kingdoms was busy hatching further conspiracy to kill Lord Krishna.

Apart from this Kansa was seen attending the ‘Ranga Sabha’ along with more than 40 kings of other friendly kingdoms. This scene was enacted at Nishamani High School. This scene has always been a centre of attraction as its draws kings from various kingdoms into the Darbar of King Kansa.

Kings dressed in colourful attire with their unique hairstyles and getups came to the kingdom as per the invitation of Kansa and enjoyed the dance arrangements made for them at the Durbar.

Apart from this Kansa continued his Nagar Parikrama on an Elephant. He enquired about the traffic rules of his kingdom and imposed fines on the subjects who had violated the rules. Apart from this he directed every one to obey his orders without fail.