Bargarh: The sixth day of the 11-day Dhanuyatra on Wednesday witnessed the enactments of ‘Rang Sabha’ and ‘Vastra Haran’.

People in large number had gathered to have a glimpse of the royal kings invited by Kansa to his Raj Durbar. The kings in their traditional attire and unique hair styles, looking equally majestic like Kansa were busy working out new plans to kill lord Krishna and laid their support to Kansa.

As a shift in the scene occurs Kansa, distressed over his repeated failure to kill Lord Krishna, continued to penalise his subjects even for a small mistake.

In the evening, kansa also witnessed cultural programmes like folk dance at Rang Mahal, the second stage at Nishamani High School ground.

Lord Krishna on the other hand was busy playing pranks with the gopis at Gopapur. The scene of ‘Vastra Haran’ as enacted at Ambapali drew the attention of the visitors. The scene was enacted along the banks of the river Jeera. Large crowd had gathered to witness young Krishna having fun with the gopis.