Bargarh: The seventh day of the 11-day Dhanuyatra on Thursday witnessed demon king Kansa still engaged in hatching new plans to kill Lord Krishna.

After repeated failure to kill Lord Krishna, Kansa with his friends had hatched a new conspiracy to kill Lord Krishna. For this he has arranged Dhanuyatra and has invited Lord Balaram and Krishna to Mathura.

After the invitation letter for the same was prepared, Kansa sent his minister Akrur to invite Lord Balaram and Lord Krishna to Mathura.

On the other hand Lord Krishna in Gopapur, after having fun by playing around with the gopis and breaking their earthern pots for butter and after playing pranks with the gopis by stealing their clothes, is now involved in spiritual love affair with his chilhood friend and devotee Radha. Large crowd had gathered to have a glimpse of Radha and lord Krishna.

Apart from this Kansa continued his Nagar Parikrama on an Elephant. He also helsd his durbar to listen to the grievances of his subjects. He also witnessed cultural programmes like folk dance at Rang Mahal and Raj Durbar.