Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam with Other Guests at Balasore on the Occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration of Sachindra Kumar High School, Langaleswar.

Balasore: Former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam urged the student mass to protect environment attending the Golden Jubilee celebration of Sachindra Kumar High School Balasore.

Mentioning that each tree absorbs nearly 20 kg of carbon dioxide and disseminates 14 kg of Oxygen in a year, he urged  the student to plant at least two saplings in a year with a reminder of immense value of trees.

“If you plant trees as I told you, then in a year 1 lakh trees would come up  in the area. So think of how much oxygen it would supply and carbon dioxide it would take in,” Dr. Kalam said.

Remembering his long association with Balasore and Chandipur, Dr. Kalam said, “I spent nearly a decade in Chandipur (Integrated Test Range) during my service tenure in DRDO in the missile development programme. Chandipur is a beautiful place, the atmosphere is calm and serene. We have a beautiful lake in the ITR and hundreds of birds visiting the lake make it more beautiful.”

Focusing on education Dr. Kalam said, “It is not  big  buildings, facilities or advertisements that would enhance the level of education rather it is quality education which is  the need of hour. So instead of dealing education as a business, he stressed on the holistic approach  of growth and development of students.

Stating small dreams as crime he urged the youths to see big dreams. He asked the youth mass to maintain integrity and to be good member for family, society, nation and world as a whole.