Search team in operation inside Nandankanan
Search team in operation inside Nandankanan
Bhubaneswar: After 17 hours of rescue operation, the Nandankanan zoo authorities on Wednesday successfully recaptured the strayed lioness ‘Supriya’.

As per sources, ‘Supriya’, was caught from a swampy area behind the cat’s enclosure in the zoo. Due to rain on Tuesday, the zoo officials failed to capture Supriya. Having tranquilised the lioness for three times, the officials failed to catch. The lioness had escaped from enclosure 29-B by pushing the iron railing, which was loose and got into the forest area behind the enclosure.

In the meantime, the zoo official with the help of tranquiliser made the operation successful around 3 pm.

“After successfully tranquilising the lioness, our officials took her to the zoo hospital for treatment as she was out for two days without food and water and spent winter nights with rain,” said Deputy Director of the Nandankanan Zoological Park Siba Narayan Mohapatra.

Like Tuesday, a number of tourists returned from the zoo on Wednesday as it remained shut for the rescue operation of the lioness.