Bhubaneswar: The State Government on Wednesday ordered for testing of all packet milk being sold in the market, including that of the milk packaged by the State-owned Omfed to determine milk standard.

After a study on milk purification, the State Government has found that the milk available in Odisha market is hundred per cent adulterated. The milk is contaminated with substances like salt and detergent which are bad for health.

According to the reports by the National Survey on Milk Adulteration, 2011 which was conducted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to determine the quality of milk and identify different types of adulteration in liquid milk throughout India, 70 per cent of milk adulterated nation-wide. While 100 percent milk adulteration was found in Odisha. The study revealed that substances including skimmed milk powder (SMP), SNF, fat, glucose, detergent and added water were added to the milk.

All 1,791 samples collected from different sources were sent to the Department of Food and Drug Testing of the Government of Puducherry, Central Food Laboratory at Pune, Food Research and Standardisation Laboratory at Ghaziabad, State Public Health Laboratory at Guwahati and Central Food Laboratory at Kolkata for testing.

As per the tested report, only 565 samples (31.5 per cent) milk passed the test. More than 1,226 samples (68.4 per cent) were declared contaminated. 103 samples were found with detergent substance, 548 samples SMP and 477 samples contained glucose substance.

Reacting to the report that milk sold in packets in Odisha is 100 per cent contaminated and substandard, Fisheries and Animal Resources Development Secretary Satyabrata Sahu said the findings of the report would be studied. However, he sought to know the basis of the study undertaken and the places from where the milk samples were collected.