Dell announced its first Ultrabook, the XPS 13, at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show).
The laptop is a look-alike of Apple’s MacBook Air, which has a 13-inch screen, and weighs 2.99 pounds (1.35 kilograms). The laptop is 0.2 inch (6 mm) thick. It can run up to eight hours on a battery charge.
In the same show the Company’s founder and CEO Michael Dell says “PCs aren’t under threat from tablets or smart phones”.

The XPS 13 is entering the market in such a time when Dell is moving away from consumer products to focus on more profitable segments of business computers and mobile devices. The company has stopped producing Mini notebooks and some Streak tablets, that has failed to make a place in consumer’s good book.

Dell’s spokesmen said, the XPS 13 is ‘squarely aimed’ at the professional community, but will be offered for sale through consumer channels.

The XPS 13, is very thin and can provides the full functionality of a standard-sized laptop, the spokesman said. The 13-inch laptop is designed to fit in the frame of an 11-inch laptop, so users can get a full-sized keyboard and larger screen in a smaller package. So it’s basically tried to convince the customer that “big things come in a small package”.

According to spokesmen the laptop’s range starts with a price $999 and it will be available in market for sale in late February or early March. But Ultrabooks have been criticized for their high prices, and Intel hopes to bring down the starting price of Ultrabooks to $699 by the end of the year.
In spite this, The XPS 13, has some new features like Smart Connect technology, in which email and social network feeds are updated even when the laptop is in sleep mode and the Company said XPS 13 will boots in a matter of seconds.