Pledge Festival at AGDAV Public School, Delhi
Pledge Festival at AGDAV Public School, Delhi
When, festival is not for amusement or entertainment but to unite unique souls of the nation with a purpose for promoting peace, love and harmony among communities with a sense of Indianness, this festival which is one and unique of its kind in the country known as ‘Pledge Festival’ will be organized on January 21 at 10 am across the country.

“We the people of India today
Do solemnly pledge ourselves
To the service of our nation
With honesty, sincerity and commitment;
Always keeping our nation’s
Interests paramount
In all that we think do or say,
For the greater glory of this land”

When an Indian citizen recites the pledge of allegiance to the country by all in their respective mother tongues, the feeling of that moment electrifies the ignited minds to be a part of the development process of the country.

This unique ‘Pledge Festival’ is organized by Build India Group which is the brain child of Journalist-turned-Lawyer Biraja Mahapatra who conceptualized the idea of a national pledge and festival as an instrument to strengthen the country and instill a sense of self-respect in every individual.

Over a period of four years, Build India Group has made its footprint at Hindi Bhawan, Constitution Club, Indian International Centre, Indian Habitat Centre, Mavalankar Auditorium, Russian Cultural Centre and Sathya Sai International Centre in New Delhi to observe Pledge festivals.

With an aim to abhor violence against the State and individuals in any form and to unleash societal contempt against corruption and terrorism, the pledge festival is conducted on 3rd Saturday of January every year for cultivating good citizenry to build a healthy India.

This festival hopes to rope in over 20 crore students across the country and as an ongoing process, it inspires people and student community to keep our nation’s interest paramount in all that we think, do, and say.

This year around 3 lakhs children from more than one hundred educational institutions across the country will pledge in 15 Indian languages, says Mohapatra.

This festival involves religious institutions as these forms the greatest medium of communication to reach out to each and every individual in the country. The purpose of bringing festivity into this programme is to use the age-old tool of mass communication through celebrations.

When this festival comes to an end every year, it leaves a strong message “Hate Corruption, Love your Nation, Defeat Terrorism.” to motivate the young minds.