Culling of birds
Culling of birds
Bhubaneswar: After completion of the culling process in Khurda district, culling of poultry birds started on Wednesday in the Bahanada village of the tribal-dominated Mayurbhanj district.

As per the direction of the State Government, the culling operation began within three km radius of Bahanada village. The rapid response teams (RRT) deployed by the Mayurbhanj district administration used public address system and the surveillance team went from door-to-door for collection of birds.

By the end of the day as many as 1,800 birds were culled and buried.

It is noteworthy to mention that culling in Mayurbhanj was taken up after over 31,000 fowls were culled in Keranga area of Khurda district following detection of H5N1 virus.

The administration had banned transportation of poultry items from and within Bahanada area after one of the 41 bird samples sent from the area to the High Security Animal Disease Laboratory, Bhopal tested positive for H5N1 avian influenza on Sunday.

Meanwhile the Government has received a crow sample from Angul detecting H5N1 virus. The F]isheries and Animal Resources Development (FARD) has asked the Angul administration to put in place a strong surveillance, sanitation and bio-safety measures in the farms.

Further Updates:
As per sources 2311 birds were culled and buried on the second day of the culling process on Thursday.