Bhubaneswar: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has recommended the State Government to strenghten th internal controls in the executing agencies so as to ensure timely utilisation and submission of accurate Utilisation Certificates (UC).

The CAG had found huge pendency in the receipt of UCs relating to grants-in-aid paid to various autonomous bodies, panchayati raj institutions and urban local bodies. It was also found that funds were remaining unspent in many inoperative personal deposit accounts for years together without being credited back to Government accounts at the end of the year.

The CAG found that there were 926 personal deposit account holders in the State with an unspent balance of Rs 575.08 crore by March 2011.

On test checks of 80 drawing and disbursing officers operating personal deposit accounts, the CAG found that Rs 145.72 crore under these accounts had been kept rolling for years together. Of these, Rs 3.9 crore were lying unutilised in the personal deposit accounts of seven
DDOs for more that three years.