A scene from Odia drama 'Sakala Sandhana' staged at Rabindra Mandap on Monday
A scene from Odia drama 'Sakala Sandhan' staged at Rabindra Mandap on Monday
Bhubaneswar: The 8th State-level theatre festival organised by city-based Pancham Veda theatre group witnessed the drama Sakala Sandhan on the sixth day of the festival on Monday.

The play dramatised the suffering and miseries heaped on the down-trodden, especially the tribals for centuries. the extent to which they were tortured and exploited physically and mentally is depicted in this drama.

The play showed that the spirit of tribals cannot be crushed for ever. They also have the outlet not only to ventiliate their grievances but also to assert themselves like other human beings and that they can enjoy their freedom and right.

The fact how they redeem themselves has been echoed by the doctor in the play, who identifies himself with the poor tribal in his Crusade against the pernicious social evils.

Basically the play was aimed to arouse mass consciouness against injustice meted out to the poor tribals and how they are brought back to the social mainstream.