Experts culling poultry birds at Bhubaneswar on Monday
Experts culling poultry birds at Bhubaneswar on Monday
Bhubaneswar: More than 36,000 poultry birds were culled in past two days in the State Capital following the detection of the of H5N1 virus at the Central Poultry Development Organisation (CPDO) farm on Saturday.

While around 29,000 were killed at the CPDO as many as 9,000 birds were killed at the Odisha University of Agriculture University (OUAT).

Apart from this the culling operation in 29 wards within three km radius of the CPDO and in near by slum areas also began on Monday. As many as 500 birds were killed as operations in two wards commenced.

The culling operation at ward level would be intensified today and it is hoped to be completed within next three days. As estimated around 10,000 birds are to be annihilated. More than 200 personnels would undertake the culling as well as the surveillance in the impact zone. Disbursement of compensation among affected people, the farmers and the sellers would start today.

“The work would not stop at culling only. There would be a three-month long continuos interventions like disinfection of poultry farms and vendors, sanitization along with surveillance. Household screenings would be undertaken and no poultry, eggs and allied products would be allowed to be produced or sold in the area, Benudhar Das, Director, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary services (AHVS) said.

Mass awareness drives and house-to-house survey would be initiated from today which will basically include the slum population in the 29 wards.

The sale and movement of poultry products from the affected areas would be allowed only after the district collector issued the complete disinfections certificate.