Bonda Tribe
Bonda Tribe
Bhubaneswar: Following a new allegation of existence of ‘human safari’ in the tribal region of Odisha, which came into light when a leading national daily in UK datelined a report that claimed that tour operators have been offering titillating “human safari” in Odisha that provide a closer look at the Bonda tribe, the travel trade fraternity declared their commitment to human values and ethical practices.

When asked about the issue, a member of Odisha Tour Operator emphasized that, as certified and responsible tour operators, he always abide by the guidelines of the Government.

Adding more he said, unethical tourism needs to be stopped by stricter regulations and educating tourists. The Government should take necessary steps to keep check on the activities of some enthusiastic operators and organize awareness programmes to ensure that the dignity of the tribals is not compromised.

Another city-based tour operator and a member of Odisha Tour Operator confirmed that, she been organising visits of foreign tourists to different tribal pockets of the State, where one can see the lifestyle of the tribal people, their day to day activity and their extremely primitive way of living. One also gets a chance to see and meet some of these primitive people, see some of the tribal festivals and attend weekly markets where people come to exchange food, clothes and other commodities. But as a responsible tour operators, she certainly makes the tourists follow the rules meant for visits to the tribal region that have been framed by the Government and never encourages unethical and unsocial trade practices to promote Odisha Tourism.

Adding more she said that after the name of a few tour operators have come into the picture for having mis interpreted the culture of the State, she has been facing problem in her business.