Kalahandi (Report by Dushmanta Kumar Panda): Kalahandi district is witnessing alarming rise in HIV+ cases. As per the govt. report there are 356 HIV+ patients in the district but as per non govt. sources there are more than 1500 HIV+ cases in the 13 blocks and 3 urban areas of Kalahandi district.

To spread awareness about AIDS there are 2 counselling centers at
Bhawanipatna, one at Kesinga which is yet to be functional and one at

According to govt. report 35 people died of AIDS and another 80 including 7 ladies and 10 children are strugling for their lives. There are 246 patients under govt treatment.

Between 2006 and 2011 Bhawanipatna Hospital have given counselling to 14208 persons and 10988 blood samples have been taken. Out of them 236 found to be HIV+. At the second center at Bhawanipatna blood samples of 8121 pregnant ladies were taken out of which 7 are found positive. At Dharamgarh center 120 HIV+ cases were found within this same period.

Migration to other states for work, low literacy, urbanisation, drug users, poverty and ignorance about HIV are the main factors for increase of AIDS.

Many NGOs and govt. hospitals are working to spread awareness about AIDS but still we have to work harder and formulate better strategy to stop the spread of AIDS and save human lives.